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 If you’re looking for a hoedown or a hootenanny, you’ve come to the right place. What’s the difference you ask? Just give us a call and we will tell you.


Steel pan is perfect for light and fun music to suit your event. Bring the sounds of the Caribbean Islands to your party.


Does your event need a burst of energy and rhythm?? Georgia Jukebox can provide a marching drumline to liven up your event  or a group drumming circle to bring your event together.


The gypsy vibe is perfect for spanish-themed events. The gypsy band can also give your event a light dance or even an elegant feel.


The Irish bands are mostly used during St. Patty’s Day events, but they are also great for giving an event a light feel as background music.


Our jazz bands are great for background music or can serve as entertainment. We can supply from a duo all the way up to a 16 piece big band. We can also offer jazz for the holiday season. Please contact us for more information at


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Give us your name and email and we’ll let you know what we’re all about!